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How We Help You: Step by Step to our Process

When the bills are piling through the door and the phone doesn't stop ringing, our professional debt counselors are here to bail you out. Our debt counseling services are specifically tailored to meet the unique situation that you face - we can help you achieve all of your financial goals, allowing you to breath easily once more and get back to living your life without constantly fretting over money worries.

Contact us to get help with your debts, and you'll get direct access to a dedicated debt counseling professional who has your best interests at heart. We'll work with you to come up with the best possible plan to pay off your debt in a manner that's not only affordable to you, but also acceptable to your creditors.

The Process

In order to fully address your needs, we follow three steps to properly asses your debt situation:

Step 1: Application

Quickly fill out our online application form above. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the necessary details regarding your contact information and financial situation. We will then use this information to assist you in finding workable solutions to pay off your debt.

Step 2: Counseling session

Once we have your basic details, you'll be assigned to a professional debt counselor who will examine your current situation and discuss possible plans of action with you. Rest assured that together, we can work out a solution that both fits your budget and meets your financial goals. This debt consultation is completely free of charge and kept strictly confidential - we won't discuss your personal or financial matters with anyone else.

Our professional debt counselors can help you with the following:

Step 3: Debt Relief

Our free debt consultations are designed to find the best possible solution to your financial woes - today. We won't hang around, we'll help you get a fix on all your money troubles right away, so you can rest easy. In many cases, it's often the case that simply by listening to our professional advice people can learn to control their financial situation by themselves, with no further help from us.

For those who are seriously considering bankruptcy as their best option, our advice can help you come to a concrete decision on what to do. Finally, we can suggest a number of repayment programs and debt consolidation programs that will allow you to pay off your debts at an amount that you can afford.