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Debt Settlement: How it Works

Sometimes, for those individuals with unpaid debts from the past who have since become better off financially, the best solution to fix their debt is something called a negotiated debt settlement.

Most people fail to realize that when it comes to older debts, creditors are often willing to settle for much less than the outstanding balance of the debt - sometimes even just a small fraction of the debt that remains. In order to pursue the possibility of a negotiated debt settlement, it's necessary to have a significant lump sum of cash available to pay off a portion of the debt right away. Often, 50% or less is required.

How We Negotiate Your Debt Settlement

The very first step is to contact us using the form above for a free consultation so that we can assess your current debt situation and evaluate the best options available to you. If we judge that debt settlement is the most viable option for you to clear your debts once and for all, we will discuss how we can develop a tailor-made payment plan within your means that will get you out of debt in the fastest time possible. Once agreed upon, we will handle all negotiation with your creditors regarding the restructuring of your debt before finalizing your new payment plan.

Our expert debt counselors are able to negotiate on your behalf extremely skillfully, so that you will most likely only have to pay a fraction of what you currently owe. In general, we are able to reduce the total debt of our clients by around 40% to 50% of the total that they owe.

Once the plan is agreed, we will organize a monthly payment schedule that you can afford. Based on your upfront payment and the amount that you are able to pay off each month, we can then determine exactly how long it will be until your debt is paid off and you finally obtain financial freedom. We will maintain constant communications with each of your creditors throughout the program, something that sets us apart from other debt counseling services and allows us to serve you better and get you faster results - meaning you get rid of your debts in the fastest time possible.

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the financial freedom you desire, and we will help you to do this in the quickest possible time, and for the least amount of money. Remember, we are working for you and not your creditors - we're here to help you!

Contact us using the form above and start building your financially secure future today!