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Debt Consolidating: How it Works

Can credit card consolidation really help you pay off your debts, AND still have enough cash left over each month to live a fulfilling life? You bet it can. Ask anyone who has used credit consolidation services to manage their financial problems and they'll tell you that it's changed their whole outlook towards their debt.

People tend to think of debt as something that, as long as they can manage the minimum payments, will not be a problem. But this is the wrong attitude to take. It's exactly this way of thinking that leads to problems escalating beyond people's control. What's affordable today might not be affordable tomorrow, thanks to the rising costs of basic necessities like food and utilities. It's not impossible to go from a position of financial security to insecurity in just a few weeks. By paying off only the minimum of your debt each month, you risk facing debts that spiral out of control should something unexpected happen. If this sounds like you, then it's down to you to do something to control the situation BEFORE things start creeping beyond your control. This is what consolidating debt is all about - helping you to consolidate debt so you can pay off your debts in the fastest possible way that remains affordable to you.

How We Consolidate Debts

If you're in a situation where you feel you cannot afford to meet your monthly payments to your creditors, yet you feel you can make reasonable payments each month, we can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. We can arrange to consolidate debt and get you a reduced monthly payment for each of your creditors, who will in return cease all debt collection activities and instead deal solely with us. It may even be possible to ask your creditors to reduce or stop Consumer Credit Client finance charges, meaning that your overall monthly obligations are reduced even further, granting you the time you need to consolidate and clear your debts once and for all.

Your debt consolidation payments are handled strictly by the office. They will agree on a specified amount that you can afford to pay each month, which will be deposited into a special account before we distribute it to your creditors according to the arrangements we have made on your behalf. This process will then continue until such a time as you are completely debt free.

Credit-makers generally appreciate the service performed by debt consolidators like us, and they realize that it is better to have a consolidated debt paid off slowly than never at all, and so they are nearly always happy to accept our debt consolidating packages.

We do not lend money. We work with professional debt counselors who understand that borrowing your way out of debt simply isn't a solution and will only make things worse in the long run. Instead, we provide you with the following benefits that offer you a genuine solution to your debt troubles:

Consolidate debts into one comfortable monthly repayment that you can afford - speak to our consultants today and discover just how easy it is - anyone can do it!