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David And The Debt Collector

Author: Mary Inveigh

David stood with his back to his front door as hard knocks resounded against it. “You owe, David! You owe!” A man yelled from outside. David squatted down, placed his face against his knees and let out a low but audible cry. Finally, the knocking stopped. David strolled into his kitchen, and upon doing so he tripped over a bill statement and tumbled to the ground with a loud crash.

David arose with aches and pains, and then the phone began ringing. He picked up the phone, but beforeCredit counseling San Jose he could greet the person on the other end a woman began yelling, “You owe, David! You owe!” David slammed the phone down and again squatted, and again let out a cry. At this point he did not know which way to turn.

Looking around his kitchen, and feeling like death was upon him, his eyes caught a glimpse of a magnet stuck to his refrigerator. The magnet displayed a number for a debt relief company. With haste, David quickly picked up his phone and dialed the number. A very nice woman answered the phone and David explained his situation. The woman then explained to David the various credit counseling programs the company offered and the commitment they expect of the applicant. The woman explained all of the benefits like: all of David’s debt would be resolved within a month, there will be no more creditors calling or harassing him, and his payment to the debt relief company will not exceed one hundred dollars every month. The woman also explained the free services of the company which includes: counseling for those who do not wish to get back into debt.

After hearing all of this, David smiled from ear to ear and stated, “Debt consolidation is what I need and what I want.” The woman was happy to hear David’s reply and she then gathered all of the proper information necessary to begin his account. The setup took only a few moments to finish, and creditors immediately stopped calling and harassing.

This present day, David is no longer in debt, and, even better, he no longer has to pay the debt relief company. He can now sleep in peace without worrying about creditors trying to harass him, take money out of his paycheck, or even touch something as valuable as his 401K. David will never request a credit card again, and he has now established a money budget where he will never be put into debt again.